ATK Computer

About Us

ATK was founded in 2012 for supporting IT courses in Myanmar. Information Technology is the best way to gain the development of Myanmar Youths.

Today, we, Myanmar youths, have to know about computer more and more. Computer Technology is essential for everyone. If we do not know about computer, we can not gain rapid development.

We are still trying for our developments at present because we have lack of IT knowledges and we have no skilled IT workers. For these reasons, we would like to share and support IT technology for Myanmar Youths as much as we can.

Our Services

Computer Training

We offer several computer technology training such as Basic, Graphic, Destktop Publishing, PC Maintenance (A+), Essential Networking and multiple languages training such as English (4 skills), Reading Club, Japanese (N3,N4,N5).

PC Repairing

This is our specialization work. We also offer PC Repairing such as Hardware Troubleshooting, Testing, Replacing. And then, there are another services for computer operating system (Windows) Installation, various software installation, Virus claning and system maintenance.

Web Development

You can have the chepest website if you join with us. Our web development team will help you for your need, your website, your online page. A website can impress your company. A company just need a website.We can help for it.

Language Proficiency

Today, we have to know not only IT technology but also spoken languages for communication. They are english spoken class and japanese classes.

(Network ချိတ်ဆက်ခြင်း)

Networking is the quick connection between pcs. If you have many computers working, you need both rapid connection and secure connection


We sell many kinds of computer accessories, Desktop Computer and Laptop, especially good used cheap laptops. If you do not spend a lot of money for computers, you should buy our cheap computers. And you will get warranty for any pcs which you bought.